Research Center for Boundary Spanner Design
of Diversity in Healthy Longevity Society

New research design of various boundary spanning for building age-friendly societies

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Social design for accepting the advanced technology

This project aims at creation of methodology of social mounting of science and technology by creating cases of technology development and generalizing knowledge.

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Latest Work

Building Age-Friendly Cities

Region-Oriented Living Lab.


The center focuses the realization of new research field named as “Boundary Spanner Design” for healthy longevity society. By this, the research which comprehensively evaluates the effect of this technology on living environment, urban environment and society and the social implementation research which uses the human support technology for realization of a “Age-Friendly Cities” are developed.


YNU Research Center for Boundary Spanner Design
79-5 Tokiwadai, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama,
240-8501 JAPAN
Phone: +81-45-339-4256